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Monthly workshops and drop-in Q&A sessions.

Live Virtual Workshop for Content Creators
June - November
The Content Creators Academy
Monthly virtual workshops
designed to take you from beginner to advanced creator.

Note: Monthly Q&A sessions will be available for those not-so-techy content creators who need help when they get stuck.

Websites and Blogs
06/20 | 11AM - 6 PM
  • Urls, domain names and hosting
  • WordPress setup
  • Website Themes
  • Website plugins
Copywriting for Beginners
07/18 | 11AM - 6 PM
  • Brand Story Creation
  • Work with me Sales Copy
Creating Digital Service Offerings
08/15 | 11AM - 6 PM
  • Course creation
  • Workbook / User Guide Creation
List Building 101
09/18 | 11AM - 6 PM
  • eBook, mini course, checklist creation
  • Landing page / thank you page setup
  • Content delivery
    Email nurturing
SEO Blogging for Beginners
10/17 | 11AM - 6 PM
  • SEO techniques
  • Short blog writing
  • Long Blog writing
  • Mulitimedia blogging
  • Link building
Building Social Media Campaigns 
11/21 | 11AM - 6 PM
  • Micro Content
  • Batch Content
  • Evergreen content
  • Social Media Strategies
Your Instructor
Hi! I'm Socially Nina, a Digital Marketing Consultant and Executive Trainer for Small Business Owners ― AKA the streamline-your-biz expert.

My superpowers: I show you how to overcome the overwhelm and transform passions into profits. I've helped thousands of not-too-tech-savvy entrepreneurs and small businesses launch, succeed scale by creating fun & informative YouTube videos and live steams. My Facebook community supports and shares startup stories. And for businesses that need a real accountability, I offer one-on-one consulting.

In 2019, I reached a milestone: 2,000,000 views on my YouTube channel!

I can show you how.
You deserve this. Let’s get started!

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